Dear Investor,

We congratulate you and thank you for your decision to invest in Turkey, the rising value of the world and the strong production base of the new era.
We are happy to provide you with quality, fast and reliable guidance in your investment processes as a global, independent and strong business world non-governmental organization,
We will be closely interested in your needs in both the private and public sectors, as a civil and voluntary capital and cooperation platform, we do not have the power of the state, but thanks to the power and prestige of our institution.

We will provide all kinds of the services to you, not through our legal entity, but through our reliable members who are experts in their sectors and have experience. For this reason that , it is entirely up to you to choose and agree the most suitable one for your commercial understanding and interests among the alternative companies we will offer you for the services you need. However, we strongly recommend that you bind all your agreements to a written contract in accordance with your prudent business person qualifications. Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association is not responsible for the agreements between the two parties.

We wish you good luck with your investment decision in our country and wish you success.